Ellery 25 Weeks

Trying to wear all of her 6 month clothes before she grows out of them…

25 week Collage

25 weeks old

Ellery has learned a couple new tricks that she loves to do. She has a couple of owl pictures on foam board hanging next to her changing table and she will grab one, unhook it, pull it off, hold it in both her hands to either fling it around or chew on it, drop that one, and then repeat. She can pull off about 3 of the 6 pictures so we are constantly putting them back on the wall and trying to keep her on her back for her diaper changes. Thankfully it gives her something to keep her occupied and keeps the rolling over attempts toward the wall. So I don’t think we’ll be moving them anytime soon.

She also has started peeing a lot more when we have her diaper off. This is such a clever trick. Whether it’s on the changing table or at the end or beginning of a bath, she used to time it much better and now we are having to be a lot more careful. haha.

She is still working on fine tuning grabbing objects and bringing them to herself, but she has started using her arms a lot more. She will flail them about and hit her toys, hit our faces, hit herself, etc.

We got some more laughs this week, but again, they were only for Mika. Lucky dog… Right now she is hanging out in her saucer, sucking on her thumb and staring at me. Love that girl.

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