Yarn Wrapped Valentine’s Day Wreath

Long have I admired yarn wrapped wreaths.

Valentine Wreath (4)

I love the look of wrapping just about anything in yarn. It adds fun texture and pops of color (especially when using multiple colored yarn).

However, I did not realize the TIME that goes into those things. Man!

Valentine Wreath (5)

I recently bought a wreath form with a Hobby Lobby gift card I got for Christmas (thanks little bro!) with the intention of making one of these said wreaths. I started wrapping and wrapping…and wrapping……and wrapping… You get the point.

I did wrap it pretty tightly, but it took me about 4 hours!
Thankfully it didn’t require much concentration so I did most of it while watching a movie with the hubby.

Valentine Wreath (3)

I whipped up some felt flowers in coordinating colors and wrapped a wooden heart in felt and viola! My yarn wrapped Valentine’s Day wreath!

I love how it turned out, but will probably wait to make another one until I know I have loads of time to kill. haha. Perhaps in the summer on a road trip?

Have you done any decorating for Valentine’s??

The 36th AVENUE

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