Ellery 24 Weeks

24 week Collage

24 weeks old

We had a pretty uneventful week besides all the winter weather and some unexpected extra time with Daddy.

I love that Ellery is becoming so much more aware of the things around her now—like her bear that she likes to hold/tackle/eat. She is getting so much better at grabbing things especially using her thumbs to have a better grip. She can even hold on object like a book in both hands in front of her. She has some owl wall hangings right next to her on her changing table and she loves pulling them off and sucking on them.

She is still exercising her voice, a lot. Sometimes it is super loud. Sometimes it is as high as she can make her voice go, but she does it as quietly as she can. I think she is singing. hehe. There is still some yelling at us within a cry if we’re not doing what she thinks we should be or not doing it fast enough. We’ll work on that. ; )

We are still working on introducing foods. We haven’t tried any new ones lately, but she is really getting good at eating bananas! She acts like she wants to eat anything and everything that comes within a few feet of her. It is getting very hard to eat with her sitting on your lap because she tries to grab both the plate and the food as you try to put it in your mouth. She also seems fascinated every time she sees someone drink something out of a cup and seems to want to try it.

Her favorite new sound is when we click with our tongue and she smiles every time we do! She is trying to replicate it, but mostly she just lays there moving her tongue all around. She did figure out how to smack her tongue a little bit to make a noise which made her very pleased with herself.

What a little person we have!


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