Ellery 23 Weeks Old

I can’t believe how “grown-up” she is looking.

23 week Collage

23 weeks old

Would you just look at how much she’s growing! Not only is she pushing herself forward while sitting (like in the bottom right picture), but she is sitting ALL by herself! This can last anywhere from a few seconds to a whole minute! I will have to get a video, it’s just hard because I still want to have my hands ready in case she topples. Her hair is steadily growing and is even getting long enough to overlap the tips of her ears a little bit.

One of my very favorite parts about the stage she’s in right now is if you leave the room and come back her whole face lights up and she gets all excited for you. She also will do this sometimes when I sing to her—she LOVES music and being sung to. It just warms my heart right up. She is giving “kisses” a little bit now. Open mouth, sweet, slobbery kisses. In fact, all around I would say she is able to show her love a lot more these days. She is always ticklish, but only sometimes laughs.

We are still trying to introduce some food and she seems to be getting better at eating. So far she’s had rice cereal, orange jello, and a little banana. She always gives disgusted faces, but then seems to be interested in more and will chew a little.

She has been really exercising her voice lately in loud, long screams. This is sometimes what we wake up to. Other times it is just quiet little noises letting us know that she has rolled over on her tummy and can’t flip back over. She is starting to discover her feet and will bend all the way in half to try to chew on them.

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