Ellery 22 Weeks and 5 Months

This is my favorite stage so far. ; )
More of the many faces of Ellery Lynn.

22 week Collage

22 weeks old
5 months old

I feel like she is becoming so much more aware of the world around her and how she can interact with it. She is becoming a world class roller: back to front AND front to back. She even will roll over in her crib now, usually she just rolls to her side and is content. But sometimes she makes it to her tummy and then wakes up and is not happy about it. She has been laughing here and there. Mostly laughing at Mika, but also sometimes when her feet are tickled. She is apparently very ticklish..poor girl.

She has been acting VERY interested in food lately. When she is near us when we eat she will lean towards the food and sometimes try to grab it. She is also very wiggly during some meals and is extra hungry. We tried some “food” for the first time the day she turned 5 months. Rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. So far—not the biggest fan. She make really confused/really disgusted faces and mostly just lets it dribble down her chin. I guess it’s a lot to take in. Eating with a spoon, sitting up while eating, new tastes and new textures!

She keeps on getting more and more hair. When I look at past pictures I can really tell. And it is getting more and more blonde, also. Ellery is working very hard at trying to pull her body up and sit when lying down, but especially if she’s slightly upright, like in her carseat. She can sit on her own for much longer (than a couple seconds) now and can sit supported for a long time. She is napping for much shorter periods during the day, but this is helping at night, so I’m not going to dare complain. I just have to lower my expectations for getting things done during the day.

Her giggles are still my favorite sound in the world and I work so hard just to get a few. Sometimes I miss when she was really tiny and would fall asleep on me all the time. This does NOT happen anymore. She has to be super exhausted to fall asleep on me, which makes my heart a little sad, but my head happy that when she lies down in her crib she falls right asleep.
Tonight she fell asleep on me though, and I just soaked it in.

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