Ellery 21 Weeks Old

What an exciting week we had!

21 week Collage

21 weeks old

And SUCH a happy girl for pictures this week, too!

On Tuesday, baby girl did it, she finally rolled over! It was from her back to her belly on her left side. Of course she did it about 5 minutes before Daddy came home, but I was glad that at least I got to see! She has repeated it a few times and since she still has an arm underneath her when she’s on her tummy, she has even pushed herself back on to her back! We are so so proud of her and it is really fun to see her learning to do new things. She is really proud of herself, too, I think. Most of the time she is very wiggly in our arms and just wants to be put down on the ground to wiggle around.

Also on Tuesday (as some of you may have seen on Facebook) she gave us some really good laughs. She was sitting in her yellow chair after pictures and watching Mika (our puppy) as usual. And then she just started giggling at her. So I quick grabbed my phone and kept the dog doing whatever she was doing and she laughed and laughed. Oh, it brought my heart such joy! We have gotten little laughs/giggles from tickling, but no one has been able to make laugh like the doggy.

Over the past couple weeks I have also been switching out her 3 month clothes to 6 month clothes. What?! How is she getting this big? How are there clothes that she will never be able to fit into again?? How is she going to be 5 months old this week??? Crazy stuff.

In other news, I think Ellery is going to have quite the temper. There have been a few times during the day that I haven’t been able to pick her up/get her food/do what she wanted right away and MAN, she can YELL! She is really starting to make her opinion known. Her changing table (that used to be her favorite spot) now can make her VERY upset. I think she things we’re laying her down for a nap, and she will arch her back, yell, throw herself around, and basically make it impossible to get a diaper on or off of her. haha.

She is also starting to become very interested in food. We haven’t given her anything yet, but plan to give her some cereal soon. But anytime we eat she eyes our food and leans toward it and even tries to grab it sometimes!

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