Ellery 20 Weeks Old

In a very contented mood for pictures today.
Try as we might, we couldn’t get any smiles out of her.

20 week Collage

20 Weeks Old

Sleeping through the night has still been sporadic. Although there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel with three consecutive “good” nights (knock-on-wood, fingers-crossed).

Ellery has been talking less, but has been blowing raspberries ALL the time. Most days that’s how we wake up in the morning, to the sound of her over the baby monitor. I think she really enjoys seeing us do something and then being able to mimic it. So, I’ve started repeating “mama” to hear a lot, just in case. ; )

She is also getting really good at pulling her pacifier out of her mouth, much to her own frustration. She sometimes tries to put it back in, but definitely hasn’t mastered that yet. However, in the past week she also finally figured out how to suck her thumb. Which is one of the most adorable things in the world. Just saying. She also sometimes will suck on one or two other fingers and this keeps her quite contented as well.

Still not rolling over, although she’s still very, very close. She is starting to be more okay with being held facing in/toward you. She is able to hold herself up pretty well and so she can still look around (like she loves) even if she’s not being held out. We have also started putting her in a saucer where she can stand and have toys right in front of her. She LOVES it. We love discovering new things she likes and is able to do.

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