2012 Summary and 2013 Resolutions

This time last year we were slowly letting people know that I was pregnant. Wow, that seems like a LONG time ago.

I always find it amazing how much can happen in a year. And how much can change from year to year. In 2009 I finished an internship, graduated college, did a lot of things in between, and then moved to Iowa. In 2010 I dated, got engaged to, and then married the love of my life. In 2011 we bought a house, got a dog, and got pregnant. And in 2012 we had a beautiful baby girl.

What will happen in 2013??

I made some resolutions/goals last January and finished a lot of them.
The good news is that goals can carry over from year to year. : )


Stencil a wall
Make projects for church craft bazaar
Add faux board and batten to blue room?
Organize closets and “pantry”
Improve basement
(aka clean, paint, add drywall, etc.)
Create alphabet wall
Make something out of a pallet
Make living room pillows and curtain
Decorate a nursery
Paint birch trees upstairs?
Cook at home more
Keep up on the housework more
Paint touch-ups on molding and chipped walls
Replace windows??
Replace roof/
Cheer hubby on as he replaces roof and I watch from below..pregnant
Learn to use my Silhouette well
Start (and continue) a prayer journal
Read more
Read God’s Word more
Call my long distance friends more
Plant more flowers
Learn to sew
Continue to learn crocheting
Grow my blog
Make a hobby a job?
Be a better wife
Learn to be a good mommy

This year I am going to try to be specific and realistic with my goals. There are a lot of things that I want to do better both for my sake and the sake of creating good habits for my daughter to see. Parenthood changes some things. Makes me see the things I don’t want to pass on to Ellery. And NOW is the time for change.


1. Read a little each day

2. Read “One Thousand Gifts”

3. Expand weekly meal planning into monthly meal planning/grocery list planning

4. Exercise (at least) once a week

5. Do something creative/crafty once a week

6. Make lots of homemade birthday and Christmas gifts
and have them ready in time

7. Call on birthdays

8. Call long distance friends (at least) once a month

9. Find some good crockpot recipes

10. Turn off my computer more

11. Do something for the house (at least) once a day; daily/weekly/monthly lists

12. Start a prayer journal

13. Once a month craft night

14. Pray for my family daily

In order to help accomplish some of these things I am going to attempt using a planner (which I haven’t done since college). I’m sure I will think of more “resolutions” but I really like this list to start with. It helps me to write it out on the blog and see what my goals are AND have the accountability of hitting publish.

What are your resolutions/goals??


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