Ellery 18 and 19 Weeks

I’ve got a little to catch up on…

18 week Collage

18 weeks old

(Sorry about the picture quality..this is even edited. It was a very dark, stormy day.)

Ellery really loves monkeys. She has a few monkey toys and her face lights up when she sees them. She is getting stronger and stronger. She tries to sit up when she is leaned back and will even lock her legs to stand up when you lift up her arms. She enjoys being in her jumper more and more and spins herself around by using her feet.

She had her 4 month appointment this past week and it went very well! More shots, but she is a real trooper and calms down very soon after. She weighs 14 lbs. 4 oz and is 25 in. long. She is still in the 75th percentile for weight and about the 63rd for height. She is healthy and growing and we are so proud of her!

She made her acting debut on Sunday as baby Jesus and did really, really well. She was held by “Joseph” at first and started to fuss a tiny bit before we walked on stage. But once she saw all the people and lights she calmed right down and soaked it all in. I played Mary so I was able to be onstage with her and soak it in a little too. ; )

My eyes have really been opened this Christmas season to the REALITY of the Christmas story. I have always believed it was true, but after becoming a mom it has been a lot more real to me. I think about Mary hearing the news that she was pregnant and carrying that with her for months before other people could tell. I think about her going through all the pains and uncomfortable-ness of being pregnant for 9+ months. I think of LABOR in a barn. And then I think of raising a child that you knew was GOD and you knew he would have to die. It just really widens my perspective on God coming to earth as a man, as a baby.

19 week Collage

19 weeks old

Merry Christmas!

Ellery really enjoyed her first Christmas (she told me so..). We were able to see a lot of family and she did really great with all the traveling and being passed around. Her pictures this week were all so cute that I had trouble not including them all. The stocking she is in (hehe) was a Christmas present that Grandma Pat made. We LOVE it! It is a bit spacious, so we decided we might as well fill it up this year. It even has her name on it which you can only start to see in the pictures. She looked like a little mermaid and she actually seemed to enjoy it.

Her new favorite trick (mine too!) is blowing raspberries. Sometimes she will do it out of the blue, sometimes it is in response to us, but all the time I love it. She is drooling a bit more and chewing on her hands (or anything she can bring to her mouth). There is no sign of any teeth yet, but we’re keeping our eyes out for them.

We have LOVED having daddy home over the Christmas break AND the two snow days he got because of the blizzard a few days before Christmas. We’re hoping she will roll over for the first time sometime when he’s home. SHE IS SO CLOSE. She will throw her shoulder over while on her back and prop herself up on her side. She even gets her hips over her body a little bit, but her arm is in her way and she hasn’t quite figured out how to tuck it in yet. Soon though. Probably when we’re not looking..haha.

ellery's first christmas

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