Ellery 17 Weeks and 4 Months

Special thanks to Aunt Amber for this ADORABLE handmade outfit!

17 week Collage

17 weeks old
(4 months)

Sorry this is late..we had a full week last week.

First of all, how cute is that owl onesie and tutu?? Answer: super de duper cute. I love how she started to grab it and even pull it up to her mouth. She’s becoming more and more aware of her surroundings and how she can interact with them. She is learning how to anticipate things—like if we are giving her kisses, (which she LOVES and opens her mouth wide in reciprocation) she will smile in between or blink like crazy because she knows what is coming next.

She is also starting to be a little ticklish and every once in a while will give a little laugh. I thought her smiles were amazing, I can’t wait to make a fool of myself to get some laughs. And you know her daddy is going to work twice as hard as me. ; )

She continues to babble and explore her voice including yelling now (sometimes in church). I am amazed at how loud this little one can get. We’ll see how that trend continues in the future. She also roars like a dinosaur sometimes too. BUT is notoriously camera shy so it is hard to capture. She likes looking at the camera/phone, but will usually stop what she was doing before when it comes out. Of course.

Her eyelashes are getting longer and darker and as she continues to get more hair on her head (minus her bald spot) it continues to get lighter. We’re seeing some blonde in there these days. Her eyes are still a very pretty blue.

Despite some irregular sleeping habits over the past week, Ellery is such a sweetheart and such a good baby. She loves being around people and doesn’t mind being passed around. She insists on being held so that she can look out and she takes everything in with her wide, bright eyes. She loves looking out the window (especially in the car) and stays awake for most of our walks now (when it isn’t too cold or raining).

Can’t believe she is 4 months old already. Her next dr. appointment is coming up very soon and I’ll let you know all her stats. : )

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