Ellery 16 Weeks

It’s December. In Iowa.
And it’s been warm enough that I can put her in a dress.

16 week Collage

16 weeks old

This was the dress (from the wonderful Tempa!) that she wore on Thanksgiving also. We thought it was pilgrim-y.

It seems like this little one develops more personality by the day! It is so fun to see her grow and interact with us. I would venture to say that her favorite thing to do is look at people. She loves to look at her daddy and I, but she also loves staring at other people or the mirror. She is becoming much more generous with her smiles, too, and so that just brings even more attention to her (which she enjoys).

She still loves to stand, and now when she does it she’ll stretch her arms out to the side. Maybe she’s balancing herself? Maybe she wants to fly? Only time will tell. She is really getting stronger during tummy time, although she still doesn’t like it. If we put her arms underneath her she will start to push up—which is really exciting. Seriously, when this girl crawls/walks/sits up, I’m gunna be a mess. I watched a video the other day of a blogger (some one I don’t know) and her almost one year old daughter walking for the first time. And I cried. And then I watched it again and cried, again. haha. I was just imaging how wonderful it will be when our Ellery does that and how cute she will be and how proud of her…. Okay, I had better stop. Don’t want to cry again. ; )

She has been a little irregular with her sleep again, but from what I’ve read that seems common with (almost) 4 month olds. Sometimes I will lay her down on the floor near me while I do something (like clean the house, of course) and she will roll to her side and turn her neck all the way around to see me if I’m out of sight. I swear she’s close to rolling over from her back to her belly, but I probably have no idea. She has also been babbling a lot this week and is starting to experiment with her voice more. She will make short LOUD sounds that I have to do a double take to see if it was really her making the sound.

She’s such a little peanut!



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