Ellery 14 and 15 Weeks

I got a little behind on weekly pictures due to Thanksgiving,
so today you get a double dose of Ellery.

Lucky you! ; )

14 week Collage

14 weeks old

First of all, I LOVE this outfit. It’s no secret that the little one and I share an affinity for owls and this super adorable outfit only supports my habit. And we got the headband at a craft fair (we actually got two that day, but I lost the other one..LONG story) and it’s so soft that she doesn’t seem to mind it on her head. Hurray!

Our little one is doing really well. She weighs about 13 pounds now according to our expert step-on-the-scale-with-her-and-then-without-her calculations. She has started grabbing things a lot more and even bringing them up to her mouth to suck on them. We think she went through a bit of a growth spurt this week because she seemed to be much hungrier, especially in the mornings. She is in between sizes right now with 3 month clothes being a little tight and 6 month clothes being a bit loose. It’s amazing how much she’s growing though.

15 week Collage

15 weeks old

Mika (the dog) was very distracting during this photo shoot, so that’s why she was looking towards the right in almost every picture I took. You can even see Mika’s snout in the bottom right picture. We are settling down a bit after the crazy wonderfulness that was Thanksgiving last week. Ellie got to meet her Grandpa Steve, Uncle Caleb, Auntie Nana, and Uncle Matt #1 for the first time! AND got to see Grandma Pat again. : ) We la la la loved having my family here, although I think it was a little stressful for the little one with all the extra people at the house.  She was just a little more fussy and needed some extra mommy and daddy loving time.

She gave us some REALLY good laughs this week. She’s kind of chuckled before, but she LAUGHED. It was the sweetest thing. She also rolled over from her back to her tummy, but it was on an air mattress and I was pushing the bed down next to her so I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count. hah.

Her legs are still so strong and she is really gaining a lot of strength in her core, too. When we put her in her jumper she no longer just flops (safely) to the front, but is able to hold herself up and even turn herself around with her feet. She loves trying these things and getting better at them.

Can’t wait to see what she does next!


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