Updated Fall Mantle for Thanksgiving


I am SO thankful for so many things in my life. I thought I would list a few as I showed you how I updated my fall mantle for Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for FAMILY. For the three of us starting our own family. For my wonderful parents, brothers, and sister-in-laws who bless our life so much and give and LOVE us so well—some of whom were able to travel all the way here to IOWA to spend the holiday with us!!! For my in-laws who don’t feel like in-laws, but feel like family I never knew I had until I met Mike, they have always welcomed me with open arms and hearts and take care of us so well.

fall and thanksgiving mantle 2012 (2)

I am thankful for FRIENDS. For our church family and especially small group that feels more like family and who gives and blesses us week after week. For the friends that took care of me when I first moved to Iowa (three years ago!) and helped make this place feel like home. For the friends that I have scattered across several states that hold such BIG pieces of my heart and make me wish that I could take out a few states in the way, who have always been there for me and continue to despite distance. For new friends that encourage me and enrich my life.

fall and thanksgiving mantle 2012 (3)

I am thankful for BLESSINGS. For being able to stay home with my precious little girl (double blessing!). For a WARM house to live in. For food on the table. For a dog that loves us, protects us, and kills spiders. For safety. For health. For having so much when others have so little.

fall and thanksgiving mantle 2012 (5)

I am thankful for my HUSBAND. I know I kind of already mentioned him with the family thing, but I just appreciate him so much! I am so thankful that he chose me and loves me (so much and so well). He challenges me to be better. He makes me laugh. He is already a wonderful dad. He supports me—whether that means complimenting something I’ve made or encouraging the decisions I’m making during the day about how to train up our daughter. Not to mention he is incredibly kind, thoughtful, sacrificial, and good looking!

fall and thanksgiving mantle 2012 (4)

I am thankful for CREATIVITY. For the ability to write and blog. For the outlets of crafting and improving our house. For being able to sing and to act and especially using those gifts for HIS glory.

fall and thanksgiving mantle 2012

I am thankful for GOD. For his never-ending faithfulness and abounding love. For his grace and mercy. For his sacrifice. For his desire to know and pursue me. For his plan. For his refining. For his compassion. For his outpouring of blessings. For his sovereignty and control. For his continuous call for a life of more. Of better. Of HIM.

What are you thankful for?

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