Bedroom Revamp

I love being able to redo small spaces that change the whole look of a room.
My dresser has been severely neglected for a looong time now.
Let me just show you…

bedroom revamp before  (3)

I know..I’m a little bit ashamed. Keeping it real, folks!
The whole space looked like this.

bedroom revamp before  (5)

Terrible, right?
The problem was that I didn’t have spaces to put things in. So then the things just get stacked up all around each other.

Thankfully, I knew of a few pieces around the house that I could use to help give myself some more storage/organization.

OH, and don’t think I don’t see you admiring my dresser. That was a long time ago, pre-blog project. ; )

And, my simple painting from awhile back. Don’t remember where I found the quote, but it is seriously helpful on those days that I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see. It’s a good reminder that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving, designer Creator God that doesn’t make mistakes and crafted me exactly the way He wanted.

bedroom revamp before

Ready for the after??

bedroom revamp after (2)


I LOVE it. Makes my life SO much easier (and easy on the eyes). I don’t have hours to get ready in the morning (try..a couple of minutes) due to my precious little one, and so this helps SO MUCH to have everything in a place.

I pulled out our old coffee table we used in our apartment from the basement for a little more surface area. The large mirror was given to us when friends were moving and we have just had it lying around. Yes, I have to sit on the floor to do my hair in front of the mirror, but honestly, I’m okay with that.

The little chest holds my headbands and the bins underneath store accessories.

bedroom revamp after (3)

You can see the top of the dresser now! lol. Now that everything has a place, it doesn’t have to be scattered about.

I used a hook thing-a-ma-jig from IKEA for my long necklaces and moved the mirror. I think eventually I’ll move the scarves, but for now, they work.

bedroom revamp after (6)

The hubby helped me make this earring holder. Honestly, it was too simple to make a tutorial. I took an old frame I had lying around (picking up old frames from Goodwill is starting to pay off!), broke the glass (that was an accident and I don’t recommend it), and stapled chicken wire to the back. And done.
My earrings hang nicely on it.

bedroom revamp after (7)

I even organized my jewelry box by using small boxes to give each object a space. I’m all about things having a space, can you tell??

And now if I need something I can SEE right where it is. I’m hoping this will encourage me to wear jewelry more.

bedroom revamp after

AAAnd the big dramatic before and after.

bedroom Collage

Thanks for reading!


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