Ellery 13 Weeks

13 Weeks AND 3 Months Old!

13 week Collage

13 weeks old

As you can see from the pictures, she is certainly getting more hair! I gave her a bath right before I took them and I tried to style her hair into a little faux hawk. It looked super cute. Also, I wanted to document her rolls. : ) Such a healthy little girl!

Ellery continues to love her car seat (which I am extremely thankful for) and if she falls asleep in it she tends to stay asleep for a while! She also looks out the car window while we are driving, which I find adorable. She has developed a rather large bald spot on the back of her head, so hopefully that grows back soon. Although it doesn’t really seem to bother her. ; )

She is such a strong, active little nugget! She loves trying to stand or sit up on her own and she can do both for several seconds. We are always right there to catch her, of course, but she gets really proud of herself. She also loves blowing spit bubbles all the time now, too.

Over the past several days she has become VERY talkative. She (usually) wakes up in a good mood and spends a little bit of time making noises in her crib. She has been smiling and “talking” a lot and LOVES being around us and interacting. She has been content to sit in her chair and watch me wash dishes, etc. as long as she is close by. And if I sing to her while doing that, well, that just makes her day! Sometimes she even “sings” along by smiling big and making looooong vowel sounds and that just makes my day!

We are REALLY looking forward to seeing family for Thanksgiving most of whom she hasn’t met yet!

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