Beanie Babies Halloween Costumes 2012

I was really excited for Halloween this year since it was our first time to have a family costume! I looked on Pinterest (of course) for inspiration, but a lot of the ideas were for families with more than one child. We almost made Ellie a football, but ultimately we decided to go as a family of TY Beanie Babies.

beanie babies costume

We were able to create them for very little moolah with just a few simple pieces.

Ellery’s (aka Lucky the Ladybug) was the easiest since a friend had given us the lady bug costume already. All I had to do was make her a TY tag and she was all set. She did really well in her costume for a while, but then I think she got a little too warm and was done with it.

beanie babies

The mister’s Halloween costume (Quackers the Duck) was built off of this duck hat that he got from somewhere. He bought a (stylish) yellow, long sleeve shirt from Old Navy and wore some brown (rust colored?) pants. He REALLY wanted orange pants, but sadly we couldn’t find any.

beanie babies costumes (4)

I made his waddley little duck tail out of a loofa and some feathers.

beanie babies costumes (5)

I tried to make it come to a pointed tip, but ended up just hot gluing the feathers willy nilly.

beanie babies costumes (10)

He had the great idea to cut out some ‘duck feet,’ spray paint them orange, and tie them on top of shoes. The best part was that it was hard for him to walk with them on so he did kind of waddle.

Finally, my costume was Zip the Cat. I wore a long sleeve black shirt, black yoga pants, and black socks. I bought the kitty ears on sale from Hobby Lobby and the black lei “tail” from Joann.

beanie cat paw collage

Then, I made myself some paws. I took some cheap, black gloves from Walmart, traced and cut out my paw pads from pink felt, and hot glued them together.

beanie babies costumes (9)

Then, I practiced my kitty face painting. I used some watercolor pencils to do the job. Learned that from the Preschool teacher I worked with—thanks Jen!

Finally, it was time to pull it all together and make the tags.

beanie babies costumes (3)

I found an image on google, printed it out on white cardstock, and punched some holes in the tags.

beanie babies costumes (11)

Then I searched for the accompanying poems that went along with each animal.
I had a little fun personalizing them, also. We hung ours around our necks with string, and safety pinned Ellery’s to her costume.

beanie babies costumes (12)

At the end of the day, I think we made a pretty cute stuffed beanie family.

beanie babies2

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. To see last year’s Halloween costumes of Carl and Ellie from Up, click here.

P.P.S. I just wanted to demonstrate my ability to correctly add a post postscript. : )

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