Ellery 12 Weeks

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12 week Collage

12 weeks old

Whaaaat? MY baby is almost 3 months old!?! Cah-razy town.

This might sound funny, but I love how she growing into her own little person with her own characteristics. I think she’s gunna be a little quirky (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..hehe.) She does pretty well sitting up on her own when propped up against something (like the chair for her weekly pics) and I think she really enjoys it. She is following things around with not just her eyes, but now her whole head as she turns from side to side. She can even turn her head from one side to the other while on her tummy.

This week has been much better as far as daily routine is concerned, except when we go out places (especially at night). But we are both learning and adapting. I LOVE the fact that she’s sleeping 10+ hours fairly consistently. Sometimes she’ll vary that a little, but it’s happening more and more. She is reaching out for things more. Yesterday I put a mirror by her changing table and she loved touching her reflection and sticking her tongue out at herself. One of my favorite things she has started doing is rubbing her eyes when she’s sleepy. It’s just so cute and it helps to have that cue sometimes, too.

She is SUCH a shaker and a mover! When she is mad she can scoot herself several inches—even out of sight of the baby monitor in her crib, the little stinker. She has started to lift herself up off her back a little to sit up a tiny bit. And she loves to flail her arms and pump her little legs! Getting a still picture this week proved to be quite a challenge. She kept raising her arms above her head and when I would try to get a picture of that she would quick pull them back down (as you can see in the last picture). She gets me to do some pretty silly things when it comes to taking her picture and I think she enjoys that. ; )


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