Even More Funny Things Kids Say

Funny kidisms

So, I found a document on my computer of ‘blog post ideas’ and among room reveals and pregnancy cravings I found several quotes I had saved from my preK-ers. Let me tell you, it was delightful and made me miss those little kiddos.
I hope they’re doing well in Kindergarten.

Anyway, lucky for you, that means I get to share some of the funny things they said one last time. IMPORTANT NOTE: I was still (very) pregnant at the time. You’ll see that came into play, a lot.


Me: Okay kids, I’m thinking of an animal, you guess what it is. *Five minutes and several hints later.* So, it’s an animal that lives in the forest, likes to come out at night, has a big bushy tail, looks like it has a mask on its face, and starts with an R. Rrrrrrr…
Little girl: A pirate!

Later I told that story to another teacher and a different little girl overheard and said: Yeah, cuz raccoons live in the jungle.
Me: Well, they do live in the forest, but pirates aren’t animals.
Little girl: And there are no pirates in Iowa.
Me (laughing): Nope.
Little girl: Only in California.

Me: What do you think grows from this seed?
Little girl: A helicopter!

Little girl (points to my belly button): Look! It’s the baby’s finger!

One day I had a little girl that kept pulling down on my shirt even though it was fully covering me and there was an undershirt underneath it…
Me: Sweetheart, you have to leave my shirt alone. If my skin is showing, then you can pull it down, but I’m all covered right now.
Other little girl: Why don’t you want your skin to show?
First little girl: Because no one wants to see that.

Little boy: It might be a pain to have a baby.
*I chuckle.*
Little boy: It might throw food.

Little girl: In college you have to practice a lot…of coloring.

Little girl: Miss Liz, where did the baby come from?
Me: (not wanting to give the birds and the bees talk to a five year old that): God put her in my tummy.


Hope that made you laugh!


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