Ellery 11 Weeks

What is cute and pudgy and pink all over?

11 week Collage

11 weeks old

I forgot to mention last week how good Ellery is getting at grabbing things. It started with my hair, but now it is expanding to blankets, clothes, Mr. Bear, etc. We have been plugging away at having more scheduled days, and honestly, whether or not I think it’s working depends on the day. Some days (and nights) we do really well and keep up a routine, and others..it’s a battle. Such is having a two month old, I suppose, they keep you on your toes. ; )

We had our first Halloween (and party) together this week, which was a little much for the poor little dear. Although, I might complain too if I thought I was starting to figure out the world and then all of a sudden there were green people and other assorted craziness. We’re starting to reach a different stage where she can’t just fall asleep anywhere during any noise, and while I think she likes getting out and about, there are times where she’d prefer the comfort of home. It’s good that we’re learning her needs and adapting, but this might mean more babysitters or something because if I don’t get out of the house sometimes I go a little crazy. hah.

I honestly think she’s starting to grow a little more hair which I’m really excited about! Someday I’ll be able to put some hair clips on that girl and then everyone will readily be able to tell that she is, indeed, a girl. She has thin, long hairs on top of her head, but she also now has short little hairs that stick straight up, too. They are especially evident after she takes a bath.

She is also getting more and more aware of her surroundings and loves to take everything in with her big, beautiful eyes.

beanie babies edited

More to come on our costumes next week…

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