Ellery 10 Weeks

Little Monkey

10 week Collage

10 weeks old

I feel like there’s so much to tell of baby girl’s progress even just from these pictures! She is smiling more and more and that just brings such delight to our hearts. She has even started to make little happy sounds when she smiles which we interpret as laughing—not sure if she’s there yet, but we’re gunna take it. She is still such a wiggle worm and loves to stretch out and move her whole body. She has really taken a liking to chewing on her hands and might slowly be realizing that they are attached to her body. The body part she is for sure discovering is her tongue! She has been sticking that thing out and playing with it all the time. I still love her little fingers and toes and especially the way she holds my hand.

We started working on a schedule this week and overall it has been going pretty well. There are definitely some hard parts to establishing a routine—like letting her cry a little bit more at sleep times—but I think it is helping the both of us to have a little regularity. For the past week she has slept 8+ hours through the night which is huge! Really helps me get through the day better when I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. **Spoiler alert: This next week the sleep isn’t going so well.** In any case we hope we’re teaching her some patience and putting a little predictability in her life.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, the many faces of Ellery.

many faces of Ellery Collage

Look at the one in the middle! Does that kill you or what??
Such an expressive little girl. : )


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