DIY Dresser Labels

Today I have a simple(yet time consuming) project
to help with organization in a kid’s room.

Dresser labels!

dresser labels pic

I used my Silhouette to cut out in vinyl the words I wanted on the dresser.
I used vinyl so that it would only be temporary, especially after I took so much time painting this dresser. ; )

dresser labels (2)

The first time I tried doing this I used a cursive font in hopes that the letters in each word would be connected and therefore be one big piece instead of several separate ones. This didn’t work. I’m sure my font was too small, but the cursive was so thin that the blade would pick it up after cutting and pull it apart and it was just a big mess.

dresser labels (3)

I laid out the words for the first drawer and measured so that I could try to center it on the drawer. This also didn’t work. (Seems like I’m documenting a craft least the end result was good.)
I ended up measuring an inch from the left side of the drawer
and starting all my words there.

dresser labels (6)

I also measured an inch from the top of the drawer beneath and drew a line in pencil so that when I put on my letters they would be in a straight line.

dresser labels (5)

Then I simply placed the letters on the drawer and erased the pencil marks.

Disclaimer: This took A LONG time. I had to peel each letter off of the vinyl sheet and place it straight and evenly placed. Worth it, but time consuming.

dresser labels (8)

And ta da!

Now I can easily remember where everything is in her dresser, and it makes it super easy for anyone that isn’t using it regularly like me…aka babysitters.

The beauty of this is that I can change the words when necessary and in the future maybe it will help the little one remember where to put her clothes as well.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “DIY Dresser Labels

  1. Your dresser labels are wonderful! I’ve used the transfer paper in the past to place vinyl stickers on. It works amazingly and quick! Plus it is opaque (sort of) and I think you could see where you need to place your letters. Using painters masking tape as a guide instead of pencil lines also will speed things up. And it won’t dull the paint like an eraser does.
    You’re baby girl is precious too.

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