Ellery 8 Weeks

week 8 Collage

8 weeks old

So what other moms say is proving true, as soon as Ellery establishes something, then she changes it. haha. She has gone back to getting up every 3 or 4 hours to eat during the night. Some days she decides that she doesn’t really need a nap ALL DAY. She is still really sweet (even when you think she should be really tired) and does really well going places and interacting with other people. She is getting SO good at holding her head up and sitting up a little for longer periods. She is also becoming more and more vocal—lots of squeaks and cooing sounds when she’s happy. She loves to look at people, especially daddy and he gets big smiles when he comes home from work. She even gave a stranger a smile this past weekend when we were at a different church on Sunday with the youth group. Yup, we went on ANOTHER trip with Ellie, and she did super well. I think we’ll stay home for a while now though, since it was a bit challenging/draining. I can’t believe how big she’s getting, her 2 month appointment is next week so I’ll be able to tell you exactly how big then. We just love her little face (with all its expressions) and her BIG beautiful eyes and her pudgy thighs and her barely hairy head and her long fingers and her curly ears.
Just love all of her sooo much.


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