Ellery 7 Weeks

Better late than never, right?
The good news is that the pictures are taken on the right date, even if I don’t blog about it right away.

week 7 Collage

7 weeks old

I LOVE seeing our baby girl get bigger and develop more and more. She is such a “good” baby. She enjoys spending time lying on her back and being held facing out so that she can take in everything around her. She has been consistently sleeping through the night again, even when not at home. We went on our first family trip to a marriage retreat over the weekend. Ellie did SO well. She slept for the two hours there and back in the car. She (mostly) cheerfully allowed herself to be passed to and from many different arms. She even stayed with some babysitters and let Mommy and Daddy get some quality alone time. It was a beautiful weekend and the 3 of us enjoyed it very much.
She’s a little blurry in the bottom picture because she is such a WIGGLE WORM and is started to make a little progress in moving herself around. If she is able to push off of something with her legs—look out, she’s going somewhere! She’s just scooting around a little bit, but I think she really enjoys trying to do new things. She is even working on sitting by herself  for about 1.2 seconds. She is even doing better about not fussing so much at night or overeating/spitting it back up.
So proud of our little daughter.

bff Collage

I had to include this, too.
This is a picture from the weekend of Ellery and her friend, Natalie. El is only 3 days older than Nat, and they are about the same “size” just with different proportions. Natalie’s mom lovingly calls her a toad, and I think that would make Ellery a frog. 😉
It was super sweet to watch them interact with/next to each other.


2 thoughts on “Ellery 7 Weeks

  1. Shanna says:

    *sigh* so cute and yet so far away. How will she and Auntie Nana ever be close? You’ll just have to let us ‘borrow’ her for a couple of weeks. Heeheehee xoxo

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