Ellery 6 Weeks

Pretty in pink and cherries.

week 6 Collage

6 weeks old

So, this week’s pictures taught us that Ellery does NOT like wearing headbands. Which is unfortunate since she doesn’t have enough hair to be immediately labeled a girl yet. We’ll work on it, and in the meantime I’ll keep dressing her in pink. 😉
Baby girl is really starting to change in the looks department from a newborn to a baby. Her face has changed and she keeps pudging up in the cheeks and thighs. She has started sleeping longer at night—up to 6 1/2 hours—which is a super blessing for us. She is smiling more and giving us REALLY big smiles at times. She has almost outgrown all of her newborn clothes.
What?!? How is she outgrowing anything yet?
Not prepared for that… She is talking more and interacting a bit more, maybe.
One of our favorite new things is how she will now grab the collar of your shirt (or your hair) when you are holding her. Her legs are also getting stronger as she tries to crawl up your body when she’s unhappy and flailing her limbs. Her hair and eyes are lighter than when she was born, and I swear her eyelashes have gotten longer, too.
We fall more and more in love with her every day.

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