Easy Fall Mantel

Happy Fall!

Usually I am a little sadder at the departure of summer and so I don’t get as excited about Fall, but after the brutally hot summer (that I was super pregnant for) I have been really looking forward to Fall.

The other night there was a delightful autumnal crispness in the air and it smelled like leaves and cooler temperatures.
AND delicious pumpkiny and appley foods are starting to appear!

To celebrate I have been adding some autumnal touches to the house where I can. Last year I scored some clearance fall leaves and flowers from Michael’s and I have been looking forward to using them.

fall mantle 2012 collage

I don’t have a mantle, so I like to create a “fantle” (faux mantle) with our china cabinet.

fall mantle (9)

I just used things I had around the house to add some fall goodness like the wooden bowl, candlesticks, apples, and scrabble pieces.

fall mantle (8)

I think my embroidery hoop pumpkins fit right in.

welcome fall

I might add some more (I’m thinking the back still looks kind of bare), but for now I get a smile every time I pass by.

fall mantle (2)

What are you doing to celebrate the arrival of Fall??







2 thoughts on “Easy Fall Mantel

  1. I love it! It is simple but elegant, and that always ‘gets’ me every time. That’s why I stopped by to view from Centsatiional Girl’s linky party. I especially appreciate the crystal candle sticks and tall creamy-colored candles, they are a personal favorite of mine and I have something in similar in my house (not on my mantle at the moment). I think you are right, there seems to be something a little bit missing in the background of the hutch, I’m sure you will find just the right touches to add to it; maybe something that adds a variation in height in the center? Maybe just adding another apple or two to the top of your delicious array? What you’ve done is great — keep going with it. I especially love the Scrabble tiles spelling out Welcome Fall! I have not seen that anywhere else. Very clever and original, and wonderful.

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