Embroidery Hoop Pumpkins

I actually have a craft to share with you!
I am slowly figuring out how to take care of my baby girl, maintain the house, AND find time to create. It certainly won’t happen every day, but I really enjoy those moments that I can relax and make something.

So, if you’re looking for a cute, fast, easy, and cheap project for Fall, I have just the one for you!

embroidery hoop pumkins

Seriously easy/fun to make and I had all the supplies on hand.

You will need:

– embroidery hoops (only 99 cents at your local craft store)
– orange felt
– fake leaves (or real if you wanted)
– floral wire
– hot glue gun, scissors, pencil

felt pumkins (1)

I had never used embroidery hoops before (but always wanted to, thusly why I picked some up last time I was at Hobby Lobby), so I felt a little silly for not knowing how to use them.
Don’t worry, it’s as super easy as it looks.

felt pumkins (2)

Simply unscrew the hoop so that the inside circle comes out, place fabric around inside hoop, fit inside hoop into outside hoop, and then screw it tight.

Easy Pease Japaneasy.

Then cut the excess fabric from around your circle.

felt pumkins (4)

Do this for all three pumpkins (or however many you’re making). I had a small, medium and large embroidery hoop so that’s what I used.

felt pumkins (5)

Collect some leaves. I got mine off an old bridesmaid bouquet, but you can find these for super cheap (or free if you walk outside..hehe).

felt pumkins (7)

Hot glue those suckers on!
I just used a dab of glue on the hoop so that if I ever want to use the felt for something else it will be undamaged.

felt pumkins (8)

Take the floral wire and wrap it around a pencil to make it really curly.

felt pumkins (9)

Hot glue and you’re done!

embroidery hoop pumkins

I la la la love them and you can’t beat free!

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