Nursery Room Reveal

The time is finally here!

Are you peeing in your pants a little out of excitement??
No? Oh…yeah, me neither..

It’s finally time to reveal baby girl’s nursery!!!

Disclaimer: There are still a few things I want to do to this room (like hem the bunting curtains and add that fabric to the green ones), but I figured if I waited for perfection then you would never get to see it!
Also, the glider/rocker that her daddy is building is SO CLOSE to being done.
It even looks like a chair!
So that will be added at some point, too.

I put links to the various projects from along the way, but don’t hesitate to ask any questions about anything in the comments.

Are you ready for picture overload??

finished nursery (2)

Also, are you ready for color overload because it’s very bright and happenin’ in here.

finished nursery (4)

The painted tree and multi colored dresser all filled to the brim
with baby and cuteness.

finished nursery (5)

The tissue paper flowers are from one of her showers
and how cute are those shoes from grandma???

finished nursery (6)

Bookshelves with multiple owls.

finished nursery (7)

I don’t have pictures in it yet, but how cute is this little frame that Auntie Amber made for her little niece! 2 (Mike and I) + 1 (Ellery) = 3 (Our little family)

finished nursery (8)

Owl bins with toys, “dresser” FULL of blankets and towels, and bunting curtains.

finished nursery (9)

Owl mobile, beautiful owl painting from Mike’s cousin, and sonogram pictures in frame. (Not to mention SAH-WEET video baby monitor from Target. Love it already.)

finished nursery (25)

Sleeping, adorable baby in crib.
(No, I don’t let her sleep with loose blankets like that, she was waking up and I put her in there so I could take the picture!)

finished nursery (26)

See? She’s waking up. And adorable. And perfect. And I love her.

finished nursery (10)

Side table and future location of the glider!
Plus, look at that amazing, matching cushion for it—I have the best mom-in-law.

finished nursery (11)

Bouquet of handprint flowers from my old pre-k class. How sweet!

finished nursery (12)

LOTS of books and these are just her cardboard/cloth ones!
Keeping it real with the hand sanitizer. 😉

finished nursery (13)

Lots of diapers and hiding stuffed animals.
They were in her crib, but obviously they couldn’t stay there.
P.S. did the yawing baby on the diaper pack make you yawn?
How ‘bout now?

finished nursery (14)

Changing table with little owls for her to keep entertained by.
(Thanks again to Amber! I also have the best sister-in-laws 🙂

finished nursery (16)

Alphabet wall and many hanging owls from a shower.

finished nursery (20)

Bunting banner and now we’ve come full circle around her room!

finished nursery (3)

I had so much fun doing all the projects for this room
with SUCH anticipation for our little one.

And now she’s here and we actually get to USE this room. 🙂
Hopefully you weren’t too overwhelmed by all the pictures.

Thanks for being here!!

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2 thoughts on “Nursery Room Reveal

  1. Marsha Hanson says:

    The room and all the little touches of love are wonderful! I’m sure Ellery will enjoy all the delights that await her!

  2. Courtney @ Between U & Me says:

    This is so fun! I LOVE it! I would love if you would share this at my Crazy Cute Party happening right now! I’ve got a totally awesome giveaway that you could win just for linking up! Come on over! ;D

    Between U & Me Blog

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