Multi Colored Side Table

Still waiting for baby girl’s arrival…

I figured maybe she didn’t think her room was quite ready for her, so I’ve been trying to work on any miscellaneous projects I had set out to do,
but hadn’t done yet.

Oh, and pass the time.
I am LOVING having my mom up from PA to spend time with and the mister is around most of the time, too (when he’s not getting ready for school or working on the rocker).

But, I am still anxious to meet our little one.
Her due date was 4 days ago (and counting).
I have an inducement scheduled for Tuesday, if she STILL hasn’t come by then.

Anywho..the point of the post is that I painted a side table to match her dresser!


I’m not going to do a big tutorial on it since I did exactly the same thing as the dresser, just on a smaller scale.

If you want to know how I did it, check it out here.

Here’s the before..


We got two side tables that matched the dresser (from a friend for FREE—thanks again!) that have been sitting in the garage.

I removed the hardware (which I spray painted white), sanded it down, and gave it all a coat of brush painted white paint.


Then, I spray painted the drawers some bright, fun colors using the same spray paint from the dresser and gave the outside another coat of white.


Now it’s ready to sit by the rocker and hold things for me
as I take care of my little girl!


I love how cheerful the colors are and how it matches the dresser!


Okay, baby Peanut, are you ready now??

Thanks for being here (and being patient through the sporadic posts and pregnancy rants)!

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