Felt Owl Mobile

Last week I got a lot of projects done for baby girl’s nursery.

At one point I even questioned if maybe I had too many owls.

Too many owls???
Can there be such a thing?

Let’s hope not, because I’m going to show you the felt owl baby mobile
I made for her.

Started with a hoop that I stole from on old clock. You could easily use an embroidery hoop or other circular object.


Spray painted it pink.


Then, I tied some multi colored yarn that I have used for a couple other projects for her room. You know, so it all ties together.

Oh, and then I tied it together. 😉

I just tied 3 pieces on the “top” of the hoop so that I could hang the owls from it.


Tied my owls to yarn and then tied the yarn to the hoop.

Some owls I made myself. One I bought. And the rest I inherited from a baby shower that were originally from the Christmas Tree Shoppe.


Once all the owls were tied on and the extra yarn was trimmed, the mobile was ready to hang.


There it is!

Yes, it was very impossible to have ALL the owls facing forward when taking a picture. Don’t think I didn’t try.


I had the handy dandy hubs put a hook in the ceiling and then hang the mobile by some invisible thread/fishing line.


Here it is above the crib!


I’m happy with how it turned out, and with how CHEAP and EASY it was.

I’m debating whether or not to hang a few owls a little higher..


What do you think?











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