Showers of Blessings Part 2

So, I told you about the amazing church shower in Iowa, today I want to share with you some of the wonderfulness that was our NY shower.

Most people that know me know that I grew up in upstate NY and lived there until my sophomore year of college.
My family then moved to PA and I later moved to Iowa.

Well, we left many, many dear friends in NY and it is always so wonderful when we have a change to see them.
In fact, I loved the chance to go back and revisit my roots.
There’s something wonderful about seeing places and things (and people!) that you haven’t seen in a really long time.

Buuut, I’m getting off topic.

My momma and several wonderful friends threw an amazing owl themed baby shower for us.

lindsay lauren me angie erika

Looooove these ladies!

Plus, do you spy those owls in the background??


Yup, they’re paper lanterns.
With scrapbook paper wings.
And button eyes.
And yes, they are currently up in the nursery.

cake pops

Some more decorations.
Susie made some delicious cake pops.

melon baby

How cute is the melon baby??


And more delicious food, of course.

mama speaking

My absolute favorite part was hearing my momma share about my childhood and mommy tips.

opening gifts

And what’s a baby shower without lots and lots of present opening (and flattering pictures of me..yes..I know I’m choosing to put it on here)?

little lizzy sureal

Also, super funny moment was the little Lizzy’s that my mom made.

She blew up a picture of my face as a baby, attached it to a cardboard baby body cutout, and dressed it up in a baby outfit.

little lizzy



We came home with quite a haul.
Which the hubby managed to fit in the car with us and all our other stuff.
Amazing, that man.

We seriously felt SO blessed.

angells and us

So thankful for amazing friends.

erika, me lacey

OH, did I mention SO thankful for Erika.

The creative genius behind it all. The woman that made it all happen.
Love you girl.

POPcorn favors

“We can’t wait for Liz to pop!”

Never have I been more ready to pop, than now.
But thanks to wonderful friends, we feel mostly prepared as far as stuff and community and support is concerned.

Also, there was a THIRD wonderful shower that, alas, I didn’t get any picture of.
But my wonderful work friend, Jen, did an amazing job of making us feel even more loved and supported.
And I was really touched by all those that came.
I am really going to miss those ladies.

THANK YOU, thank you to everyone and for your generosity.
We feel truly honored to bring our baby girl into so much LOVE.


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