Showers of Blessings Part 1

Our little family has been so blessed.

So showered with love and generosity and adorableness.

Sometimes, I can’t even believe the thoughtfulness of strangers and the fierce love of family.

Little Peanut’s nursery is brimming with cuteness.
We have receive SO MUCH and we are so THANKFUL.

I was honored to be given three baby showers that were each so wonderful.
I wanted to share a little of them with you so that you can see how super creative my friends are. 🙂

FIRST up, I had some super wonderful friends throw me a shower at church.


The theme was polka dots and so there was many a bright, circular object.

banner and food

This included the FOOD! Fruit kabobs, oreo balls, mini cupcakes, cookies, trix treats, and cake pops. Oh My!


Yes, let’s enjoy a close up.


I LOVED the banner they made and put it up immediately in Peanut’s room.

diaper cake with owls

Also, don’t wet yourself in excitement but if you do it’s okay because look at this diaper cake! Complete with some of my owls. 🙂

can babies eat candy

I loved all the sweet touches—like the pom pom flowers and scrapbook paper at tables to leave parental advice.

In case you can’t read that, it says, “Can babies eat candy?” “No.”


Lots of presents and lovely people. 🙂


So much cuteness.

onesie bouquet

Oh, and check out this onesie bouquet!

praying over

This was my favorite part and one of my most treasured experiences ever. Having myself and my baby girl prayed over.


So thankful for the amazing people God has blessed us with.

Thanks again amazing friends!
Part 2 of showers to come soon. 🙂

Photos courtesy of Brenna Krueger. Thanks girl!













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