Nursery Letter Wall


The letter wall is ON the wall! 🙂 🙂

We were also blessed with a shower this past weekend (more on that later) and so baby girl’s nursery is seeming much more complete!

Here’s what we started with:


Blue wall. Blank slate.

I had an idea-ish of how I wanted them all placed, but mostly it was a matter of having the (wonderful, amazing, super sweet) hubby hold a letter up to the wall and I would tell him up/down/left/right.


Pretty sweet to have such good help.
(Yes, that is a severe farmer’s tan and then scalding burn on his arms. BUT we have a new roof, so I think it was worth it.)

Okay..are you ready????


And again!


Ok..lemme break it down for you.


a – bought from Hobby Lobby, painted the whole thing pink, taped the sides, and then spray painted the whole thing yellow

b – bought from Target as is

c – bought from Hobby Lobby, spray painted orange, and distressed the edges

d – picked up from a ReStore (pretty sure it’s technically a “P”) and wrapped it in ribbon; tutorial here


e – made with wood, nails, and yarn; tutorial here

f – wrapped in yarn and pinned on a felt flower; tutorial here

g – gift from a friend (thanks Katie!) and spray painted pink


h – made a button monogram and framed it; tutorial here

I – bought flag from Hobby Lobby as is


j – bought from Hobby Lobby as is

k – bought from Joann Fabrics (?) and spray painted green

l – made from corks; tutorial here

m – made a fabric covered letter; tutorial here


n – bought from Hobby Lobby (originally a “U”), spray painted pink, and then drew a design on with pink puffy paint

o – wooden circle bought from Joann Fabrics, had the hubby drill some holes in it, and painted it orange

p – made a burlap and rope letter; tutorial here


q – bought from Hobby Lobby, taped some stripes, and spray painted green

r – made a scrapbook paper covered letter; tutorial here


s – bought from Hobby Lobby as is

t – cross from Goodwill spray painted yellow

u – bought from Hobby Lobby and spray painted green


v – bought from Hobby Lobby (originally an “A”), sawed off the middle part, and spray painted orange

w – bought from Hobby Lobby as is

x – bought from Hobby Lobby and spray painted pink


y – bought from Goodwill and painted blue

& – printed out design, hubby cut with jigsaw, and painted yellow

z – bought from Hobby Lobby, spray painted green, and painted on white design with a paint pen

And one more time just for kicks..


I am SO happy that it’s done. Baby Peanut’s nursery is really starting to feel like a room now, and an adorable room at that.

I can’t wait till it’s all done and I can do a great big dramatic reveal for you. 😉

The 36th AVENUE

4 thoughts on “Nursery Letter Wall

  1. Shanna says:

    Getting more and more excited for baby girl Runge to make her appearance!! Looking FABulous, Sister! xoxo

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