Nail and Yarn Outline Letter E

Hi there.
I feel like I’ve said this a lot, but the letter wall for Peanut’s nursery is ALMOST done.

There have been a few setbacks…
I was going to use the “E” and “&” from our wedding for the wall, but later decided that I’d rather preserve those as wedding decorations.
So then I needed two more letters (plus the “N” that I had never had).

A trip to Hobby Lobby provided a clearance letter “N”.
There were a few choices for ampersands, but were a little more than we really wanted to spend.
So I threw a pity party because I couldn’t have my giant expensive ampersand listened to the wise counsel of my husband and let him make one.

Yeah, that’s right, he MADE one.

I printed out the design I wanted, he traced it out on some wood,
and jig sawed it out.
Impressive, right?

Anyway, that just left letter E and wanted to do something like this:


Except I wanted the freedom to move the letter around and not have the nails stuck in one place.

So, here’s how I made my nail and yarn outline letter…


Took a scrap piece of wood (with permission!) from the garage.


Traced some straight lines on there so I would know where to nail my nails.


Nailed ‘em in.
In retrospect, it would have been a good idea to draw a mark on all my nails so I would know how far to nail them in to all be the same.
But..I didn’t do that, so I just had to eyeball them.


Painted the whole thing white.


Then I tied a knot around the first nail and started wrapping my yarn around the outside of the nails. The yarn was a gift from my mom-in-law that I used when she helped me make a baby blanket for Peanut.


I made a loop around each of the nails to ensure that the yarn would be secure.
I had to go back a couple times when I realized that I had wrapped the wrong way around the nail, but it was easy to fix.
It’s still not perfect, but it’s hard to tell. (Right??)


After I had wrapped my yarn around 5 times, I tied a knot to the nail I had started with and cut off the tails of yarn.


You get the idea of the letter, but it’s hard to see the dimensions and layers of color in the pictures.


I liked that the yarn changed color every couple inches.


Hurray for the last letter!
Now we just have to work on getting them all up on the wall!

I can’t WAIT to get this done for her nursery!!!

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