Painted Crib for My Baby Girl

Did I tell you we painted the crib?

We painted the crib. ; )

There will be NO step by step on that. If you need a furniture redo tutorial, I have Peanut’s dresser or my awesome headboard shelf or even the gaming table.

The crib decided it was going to be AS DIFFICULT as inhumanly possible.
So you just get before and after.



I didn’t remember to take the pictures until it was partially taken apart.


The crib was a super generous gift from a family in our church that had seen lots and lots of love/babies.

So we figured a good coat of paint would do it wonders.
What we didn’t know was that the crib had other plans…

The poor, poor hubby spent loads of time spray painting it, only to have the paint wrinkle and not adhere well. So, he would sand it down and try again.
I’m not exactly sure how many cycles this went through, until finally I just decided I had put him through enough.

So, I sanded the whole thing down (again), was left with a pretty good base of white left, and then brush painted the whole thing white.

THIS is what the crib had been craving, apparently,
and it drank it all in without a problem.

Lesson learned.
Sometimes, spray paint just won’t cut it and you’ve gotta take the time.

Anywho, we don’t have our actual bedding for it yet (but showers are coming…hehhehe), so I just used what we did have for now.


Do you ever think of toys as alive like in the Toy Story movies?
Cuz I keep thinking about how happy these stuffed animals must be to have a kid own then again. hah.
In fact, the monkey is from MY childhood. 🙂


I think the white reeeally helped it.
Plus, it pops with the blue wall.


And that’s baby girl’s crib.

Can’t wait to have this whole room done! : )


2 thoughts on “Painted Crib for My Baby Girl

  1. Shanna says:

    Dear sister I have so enjoyed tagging along on this journey with you! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. I love and miss you terribly and cannot wait to be able to get baby girl ready to know her Auntie Nana’s voice. You make me eager to have my own little ones in a year or so (shhhh. . . don’t tell your brother, he wants them NOW). I love you, Liz.

    • You’re so sweet! We can’t WAIT to see you too and get some auntie lovin! When that time is right for you two, you are going to LOVE it. 🙂 And then I will get to turn that lovin right back around! Thank you for your sweet comments. Love you too!

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