Fabric Covered Letter M

The letter wall is aaaaalmost all put together and ready to be hung on the wall.

I can’t wait to put it up and ACCOMPLISH something else for Peanut’s nursery.
If “nesting” means wanting to have the nursery done ASAP,
then I am officially nesting. ; )

In other news on the baby front, baby girl is moving constantly in my tummy. I’m not sure if she’s doing somersaults or practicing tae kwan do or what,
but she is a shaker and a mover.

But, on to the point of this post…
I finished up letter M this weekend for the letter wall.


Found this tutorial to be super helpful, so if you want a step my step, go check it out.

I started with a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby and some leftover yellow fabric from my first attempt at making fabric bracelets.


I cut a rough outline of my letter leaving plenty of space to wrap around the sides. Thankfully, “M” is reversible and I learned a few things on the first side so that I could improve the second time around.


Because it’s tricky to know exactly where the inside points are going to end up, I recommend just cutting a square big enough to cover the whole letter and then cutting out the trickier inside parts as you go.


I hot glued one side down on my letter and then started adding my filler.


Yup, it’s filling from that pillow I cut up for my owls. hehe.
Tack it down as you go (with hot glue) and focus on one part/leg of the letter at a time.


This side was a little bunched and bulgy, so I determined this was the back side.


Do the same thing for the front and don’t worry about how messy the sides look, we’ll get to those.


For the sides, but some thick paper (I used cardstock) the width of the side of the letter (mine was an inch). It’s okay if you don’t have a piece long enough to cover the whole letter, just make sure that you pay attention to where your seems will be.


Cut your fabric a little wider than your strips and fold it around securing it down. I used fabric glue since the tutorial I followed recommended not using hot glue. I’m not sure why. Do I think hot glue would work? Absolutely. Is the chances of you burning yourself very high? Abso-freakin-lutely. So, the choice is up to you.


Then, you just hot glue the strips to the side of your letter, and you’re done!
I had my strips meet in the middle of the inside parts so the seam wouldn’t be so noticeable, and made small strips for the bottom “feet” of my letter.


Letter M, prepare to meet your alphabet.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Fabric Covered Letter M

  1. i am so amazed by everything you do. you are gonna make an awesome mom! your daughter is gonna love this gift you get to share with her! and im sure your craftiness is just of MANY reason mike loves you! 🙂

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