Multi Colored Owl Dresser

Are you dying to find out about the dresser??

I thought about making this two posts, but that wouldn’t be fair to keep you in suspense, so it’ll just be long and very picture heavy.

We went with option number #5.
But I’ll just show you the real deal instead of the crappy paint version.


Multi colored with the blue.

Let’s remind ourselves where we started, shall we?


Took off all the hardware.


Sanded ‘er down.


The mister says I’m an excellent sander. 😉
Took out all the drawers and sanded them, too.


Then, I painted the whole thing white.


Thought about priming it, but the white paint we had was self-priming (score!) so I figured that would work out about the same.


Started spray painting some drawers.
Thankfully, most of the paint we had on hand.


This is as far as I got with the yellow, though. Had to buy some more.


Mika also wanted to help.


Hand painted the blue with some leftover paint from the craft room. 🙂

Then, we put all the drawers in and reattached the hardware.


Almost done.

I found an owl stencil online and cut some vinyl with my Silhouette.
Slowly, very slowly, I am learning how to use that complicated beautiful machine to make the things that I want to.


Got out some acrylic paint.


Set to work on painting it in.


After the second coat dried, I touched up a few spots with the white paint I used to paint the dresser.


And we have a bright, matching owl!


I can’t wait to start putting all her little clothes in it!


All together.


I can’t stop looking at it!


Thanks for being here!

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6 thoughts on “Multi Colored Owl Dresser

  1. Stacie says:

    I love it , Liz! I’ve been thinking of painting a dresser and this gave me inspiration…although I don’t have a sander…guess I should ask for one!
    ~Stacie Deik

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