Whooo Doesn’t Love a Felt Owl?

So you know how Peanut and I are all about the owls for her nursery?
She loves them, trust me.

Well, I haven’t been able to implement much “owly” stuff into her nursery since most of it is just stuff we’ve registered for. Mostly from Target.
I heart Target..I knew when I decided I wanted an owl nursery that I could count on them. 🙂

However, the one thing I have been able to do and LOVE the results of is make some felt owls.

I found this amazing tutorial and pattern which you can use for FREE, but please, pin responsibly and give her credit for her work.
I la la la love when people pin things I have made from my site, but I get sad when they pin some one’s stuff that I’m trying to give credit to, from here.
Plus, she’s offering the pattern for free, so be nice to her.

Any whooo. (Get it?) Here’s her owl.


Love it. Super cute.

So I just bought some felt for cheap from my local craft store in some of the BRIGHT color’s of baby girl’s nursery and set to work!


I mostly followed the pattern, but I added a little touches to give each one some personality. Plus, I hand sewed them with some embroidery thread, so I went for the imperfect look. 🙂


Here they all are. Quite the little family, hmmm?


I added ribbon to the top so that we could hang them, possibly for a mobile.
I also gave them little tail feathers. 🙂 🙂
Instead of spending money on material to stuff them with I just tore apart an old pillow and used the filler from that
(thanks to my wonderful and smart hubby’s suggestion.)

Whoo wants to see them one by one?


This was the first one I made, so it’s kinda the “normal” one.


Suspicious owl.


CraAazy owl.


Worried owl.


French owl (with a moustache). His name is Jacque.

I just love them.
Any name suggestions??


I can’t wait to make/have more owly stuff for her room!
But this was a wonderful project to tide me over.

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