My Growing Belly

I don’t really have anything crafty to post about lately. 😦

I am still working on those curtains for baby Peanut’s room, but it is slooooow going.
I appreciated your feedback, and I am sewing on pink “flags” of different patterned fabric.
But, I’m hand sewing them after I measure and cut out the right size triangle/flag, since I’m still scared of my sewing machine and not sure if that’s the look I really want or if I could really do that.

In other news, I feel like my belly is huge.

Don’t worry, I’m not deceived, I know I still have a ways to go, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel big now.


That’s from prom a few weeks ago.
I think I promised you pictures from that, and if we’re not facebook friends then you probably missed it. Whoops.
I’m thinking of making a FB page for Wonderfully Made Pursuits.
Should I?

It’s funny, this whole being pregnant thing.

It’s something I’ve always looked forward to in my life, but I never really thought about how it would actually FEEL.

Sure, I would have a “baby bump”.
But I didn’t think about how it wasn’t just this thing I would wear, but that it would be part of ME. MY BODY would get bigger. In fact, I don’t really consider it my body anymore. It’s as much hers now as it ever was mine. lol.

I’m just about 7 months and I feel like I have pregnant forever.

And I LOVE it, but when do I get to meet her already??
And be able to sit up on my own. 😉

Just musings from a woman with a very swollen tummy
(and moderately swollen toes).

Hopefully soon I’ll make something or have something fun to show you!

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