This Episode is Brought to you by The Letters D and L

Special thanks to the letter D..


..and the letter L..


..for making this post possible.

Don’t you love a little old school Sesame Street?
No? Just me?

So I’ve been busting out a few more letters for the ol’ letter wall.


This is a letter P we found a while back at a ReStore.


I started wrapping it with some wide pink ribbon I had.
My goal was to cover the parts that wouldn’t be covered in the actual wrapping phase.


All you need is a little hot glue in the right places.


Once the tricky spots were covered I just glued an end down and started wrapping.


I like the texture it will add to the wall.

And since that didn’t take very long and I’ll show you the letter L I made, too.


I have saved our wine corks for a while, so I had a few on hand to work with.
*NOTE: I have not had wine in a while. At least 26 weeks to be precise.
So don’t get yourself in a tizzy.*


So I arranged them into the shape I wanted.


Then I cut out a cardboard shape to back it that wouldn’t show very much.


Then I just hot glued them on, cork by cork.


The cardboard is there, it’s just mostly covered.

So, two more letters down. 🙂
Little by little…

Sorry about the quality of pictures, I can’t always craft when the sun is up…
Hope you enjoyed.



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