Burlap Wrapped Letter P

In between the time I’ve spent on my craft fail curtains I have been working on some other successful projects to help me keep going.

I decorated another letter for baby Peanut’s letter wall. 🙂


I started with a wooden letter P and some burlap.

At first I was going to try to cut the burlap into strips and wrap it so I could get around all the curves of the letter, but I really wanted the front to be one solid piece.

Thankfully, I found a wonderful example/tutorial by Ashley.


I took her idea and ran with it.


I traced my letter twice, only I gave myself a little extra space all around it so that I could overlap the sides.
That way you wouldn’t be able to see any of the wood once the whole letter was covered.


Then, I cut out my letter shapes and hot glued them on making sure I pulled the burlap taut and overlapped the excess.

Once that was done I had to cover the sides of my letter with something.I didn’t have any twine, but I did have some sisal rope left over from this project.


So I started hot gluing my rope all around the sides of the letter, making sure there was no gap between burlap and rope.

It was just the right size to have two layers of rope around the letter.

Did I burn myself with the hot glue gun?
Oh, sure, several times.


But the end result seemed worth it. 🙂


I even hot glued a loop of rope on the back to make it easy to hang.


One more letter done and ready to be put up in baby girl’s room.


Thanks for being here.

Party with me?

Sew Woodsy

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