Painting Bunting Curtains: aka Craft Fail

I’m discouraged.
I have really been wanting to make some progress on Peanut’s nursery,
so I started painting her curtains.



I found these adorable bunting curtains from IKEA, but I didn’t love the red in them and wanted pink instead. So I figured I would just paint pink over the red and all would be well in the world. Easy peasy.

Not so easy.
I feel like I am in the middle of a craft fail.

And I’m RIGHT in the middle of it.

It’s like there’s no going back, but the further I go, the more discouraged I get.

I bought some fabric medium at the store, mixed it with some pink paint and carefully painted it on some of my red bunting flags.

When it dried, it was..darker red.
So I gave it a second coat with a lighter pink…and it turned into this beautiful pink color.

So I tried just the lighter pink. Darker red.
I even tried painting the red with white paint so that maybe it would create a lighter shade of red, since apparently the paint was just tinting the flags anyway.

No such luck. Now it was just gross red.

I spent an ENTIRE afternoon painting every flag on one of the panels with the dark pink, knowing full well that it was going to need a second coat of pink and with every coat of paint the curtain becomes more starchy and hard.

Then today I started with a second coat of pink.
Any guesses as to what color they were when they dried?

Darker red.

Uuuughhhhhhh. I’m wondering if it would be easier to just buy some pink fabric, cut out triangles, and sew them on over top of the red flags.

What makes it the most frustrating is that I’m already committed. I have some painted pink flags, painted “red” flags, and a separate curtain of untouched red flags.

What should I do???
Any suggestions?



3 thoughts on “Painting Bunting Curtains: aka Craft Fail

  1. shawna says:

    I would buy the fabric and sew it. It seems like that would keep it the softer fabric and not so would be the color you want! Sorry it stunk..but I LOVE your crafting!

  2. victoria says:

    I agree with sewing on another fabric. You could find a pink with a fun texture or pattern to make it stand out.

    • I loved that idea too! I bought a pack of pink fabrics that I have been (slowly) cutting to size and sewing on top of the red flags. So far, I have one panel done! I really like the fun look that the different pinks add, it’s just slow going. Thanks so much for your input! 🙂

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