Easy, Braided, Knit Bracelets

Sometimes, there’s just nothing I feel like blogging about.
Which I then get sad about, because I really enjoy it when I can regularly post things.
But, I think that’s part of life..balance…give and take.
Sometimes I’m super creative and proactive, sometimes (like this week) all I can muster up the energy to do is cuddle on the couch and watch hulu with my hubby.

BUT. I did manage to make a couple things this past week and I will share those. 😉

One of my best friends’ birthday was this past week and among the assortment of gifts we gave her, I wanted to give her something unique/special/homemade.

I saw this tutorial by V and co. a looong time ago for these jersey knit bracelets.

I grabbed a coupon and headed to Joann Fabrics. They had LOTS of fabric (uh..duh), but I couldn’t really find any jersey knit.
So I just grabbed some bright, stretchy fabric and figured that would do the trick.

Spoiler alert: it didn’t do the trick.

I also tried to figure out how to make these bracelets from the tutorial on a night that I was reeally tired and maaybe a tad emotional.

Yeah..maybe not the best idea.

I cut my fabric into strips. They were supposed to be one inch. Mine averaged about 2. Also not the best idea. Maybe I should just tell you now that this first part is things NOT to do.

Then, I pulled my hair out tried to figure out the braid.

She has a video tutorial that really helped since I’m a visual learner. Long story short, (too late) the hubby learned what to do and then taught it to me.

The yellow one is what I ended up with.

It looks…well, it look so…..it looks bad.

So. I went to bed. Best decision ever. 🙂
The next day I went to Hobby Lobby, ASKED THE ASSOCIATE where the jersery knit fabric was, and took home three colors.

Sidebar: you really don’t need much of this to make a bracelet. Most fabric seems to be about 58” standard and that’s plenty long enough to make one bracelet. You also only need a 1 inch strip, so any more than that is extra. I think I got 6 inches of each of my 3 fabrics and it was under $10.

So then I made the green one.
MUCH better, huh?

I tried to keep it pretty taut in my braiding, but it wasn’t perfect and I still had fabric left over.

I also got some wooden bracelets to go with it.

If you try this and don’t get it, call me, and we’ll do a craft night. I promise, once you get it, then they’re easy and fast.

OH, I also learned a trick for straighter lines when cutting fabric. If you have a table that takes leaves (you know, like more table leaves) just pull it apart a little and use the gap as your guide.
I ended up using a cutting mat with a ruler on it and a fancy, schmancy new cutter the mister got for me.

Oiy yey. That was unnecessarily long for how simple that post should have been.
I guess I just miss writing. 😉

If you made it aaaaaall the way to the bottom here, I thank you.

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