Melted Crayon Art Painting

So ever since I made this melted crayon art for a friend I have been really wanting to make some to keep.
It’s SO easy to do and I love the look!
Because, well, I love bright colors. 🙂


Plus, I still had some leftover crayons from last year’s preschool class.
Score for not having to buy any materials!


The first thing I did was to peel off all the paper labels off my crayons.
This is a time-consuming, unnecessary step that I didn’t do last time, but decided I would try it this time.
Especially since I had multiple brands of crayons..last time I just used all Crayola.
I was happy with both results.


Then, I arranged the crayons on my canvas, seeing how many would fit, and hot glued them in place one by one.


I knew I wanted to paint something on there and give the illusion that the wax melted around the image.
SO I hot glued a cup onto my canvas.

Yeahhhh…maybe hot glue was not the best choice for something that I wanted to come OFF my canvas later.


But, no harm, no foul, I used a hair dryer to melt my crayons outside (yes, I’m ever learning, ever adapting, I did it outside this time so that I didn’t have brightly colored wax EVERYWHERE) and pulled off the cup when I was done.


First, I painted an umbrella with black acrylic paint because what else with a circular top was I going to paint?

You know what else it could have been??
A hot air balloon!
How cool would THAT have been?
Yeah..didn’t think of that till later, but I’m still happy with the umbrella result.


The tricky part for this was the silhouettes of a man and woman.
I was all, “suuure, I can do that.”
Let’s just say it was a tad bit more difficult to make what was in my head actually happen.

I did a really rough outline of what I thought I wanted them to look like, then started filling in and giving subtle details.


Oh, also I used a black paint pen for most of the silhouettes,
which made it A LOT easier than a brush would have been.


After that, I mixed a tiny amount of brown in with my paint a created a different shade of black to highlight some contrasts on my little people.

Doesn’t show up drastically, but helps to give a tiny bit of dimension.


Finding a spot for this on my craft room wall inspired me to add a few things around it as well.


So, I used a few more frames I had from IKEA, and put up/rearranged some inspiring things.

My “to create” blackboard is mostly immovable because it’s screwed in to the wall.
But I moved the “O His Love Divine” art over, added a framed picture of my Grandma Evelyn (who I never knew, but she was beautiful and wonderfully creative), and a framed printable.


Wow, where can I get that free print?
you ask.
Ummm..I have no idea. I just saved it to my computer ages ago and printed it out.


Yay for my “new” wall and crayon art!
If you haven’t made some yet, you need to.
As aforementioned it’s easy and it’s super fun.
But that’s just fact my opinion.

Thanks for being here!

P.S. 3 posts in a row here people!! Don’t get too used to it, but I’m glad to be blogging more. :O)

Party like a rock star.

The 36th AVENUE



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