Letter Wall Inspiration

Building off of yesterday’s post, I wanted to show you a little inspiration for my alphabet wall for baby peanut’s nursery.

This one takes up the WHOLE wall which I love, and I LU-HUVE the giant button for the letter O.

Paint a square on your wall to “frame” your alphabet? Hmmm…

I really like how painting them all one color ties them all in, but I also like the eccentricity of them all being different.


Here’s one above some wainscotting, which makes me want to do that more..

Or like this one. Pretty colors.

The real fun will be figuring out WHERE in her room to put it and how to attach all the letters…
The good news is that we made a letter V last night. And by “we” I mean I had the idea and the mister made it happen.
Thanks babe. 😉

I now only have TWO letters to go (L and N) and a few to spiffy up.
Good thing I have some ideas.

Thanks for reading!




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