Button Letter Art

I hope everyone had a wonderful, Christ-filled Easter!

I LOVE LOVE LOVED the time I had with family..but it’s never enough. :/
Now I’m counting down the days till I get to see them in June.

a pin worthy tuesdays

Two weeks in a row! We’re on a roll!

Before I show you today’s project I wanna show you where it’s going to fit into.
Way before we got even got pregnant I fell in love with the idea of a letter wall.

Ya know? Like this?


Well, I have been collecting letters for a while and was only about 4 short..before THIS project.

Here are the letters I have collected so far…
Can you spy the missing letters?


Yup, we need H, L, V, and N.
And obviously there are several that need paint, fabric, etc. to make them pretty.

So..I went to pinterest to find some inspiration.
When I followed the link for the original pin it brought me to a random, unconnected etsy site, SO, I found this one instead.


Plus, I found her tutorial helpful in where to get started in making a button letter..I even made an H too!

First things first, I got out a handy dandy frame from IKEA, and cut out a piece of white cardstock the size of the frame (just like the paper that comes with the frame, but cardstock is sturdier).


Then, I traced my letter H.
I wanted it to be a little funkier than the standard H, because hey, I had lots of creative freedom here. 🙂


Next, I got out my buttons. I used blue since I have A LOT of them leftover from our wedding decorations and I knew blue would match.
In retrospect, it took fewer buttons than I thought it would and I could have used a different color if I wanted without using up my supply.


Then, I just started hotgluing buttons on!
It helps to start out with the bigger buttons first and go around the outline of your letter.
I wish that I had covered up all the pencil marks because there was no way to fit an eraser in there after the buttons were glued down.


After your first layer of buttons are done, you can fill in some of the holes by layering smaller buttons on top over the empty spaces.
I had to really fill up the crevices with hot glue before the button would stay on.


Then, I got out my littlest blue buttons and started using them to fill it in even more.

It was really hard to not get everything covered in hot glue strings, but I did use a hair dryer to melt a few of them away.


Pop it in the frame and ta da!!
This took me less than an hour to do and I had all the supplies on hand so it was free! 🙂


I love how it will fit in with the letter wall!

I don’t recommend doing any more than two button layers, because it was hard to squeeze in the frame as it was! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Button Letter Art

  1. Shanna says:

    LOVE this!!! You share so many fabulous ideas and I immediately want to use(steal?) them, but feel bad about doing so. 🙂 Some I love for a nursery (when the time comes) and some for a fun & funky guest room or other. . . sigh. . . If only one could make a living out of staying at home and having creative fun. Well, I guess some people do, huh? So many crafts, so little time. . . xo

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