Grape Soda Bottlecap Magnets

So, yesterday I had the afternoon off and I felt super creative and made a bunch of crafty things. 🙂

Did I clean the house even a little?
Is my family coming to our house for Easter?

But, I was able to make some fun things to share with YOU!
(Sorry, Mom and Dad..I promise I’ll try to have the house cleaned up before you get here….)

I will be sharing some other things I made later, but today I wanted to show you these super easy, grape soda bottlecap magnets I made.


Google search for some grape soda bottlecaps (or whatever tickles your fancy). Mod podge them onto some saved soda/beer bottlecaps.
Place on top of small magnets..I didn’t even have to glue them because the caps are made of metal so the magnets stick right to them. Duh!


Ta Da!


I like the cute little addition they are to my inspiration-magnetic-chalkboard. I don’t have many inspirational pictures on there at the moment. Doesn’t seem to happen as much with Pinterest around these days. 😉
More to come!

I am super excited for Easter this weekend and especially for having my FAMILY here!!!
Any special plans??

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