Three Piece Layered Bird Artwork

Hello, friends!
It’s time for…

a pin worthy tuesdays

It’s been a while, huh?

Not that I haven’t made stuff, just haven’t taken my inspiration from pinterest. 😉
But that changes today…

I saw this pic on 320*Sycamore which she found in the Southern Living Style book that she was reviewing.

And I fell in love with those paintings on the wall!
LOVE the birds. LOVE the colors. LOVE how the lines on the paintings go together.

And I said to myself, “Self, I could I could make that.”


I had three canvases lying around (Christmas presents that have been begging to be used) that were perfect for this project.


First, I mixed some browns, black and a little light blue paint together and painted all of the canvases.


Then, I staggered the canvases so that the halfway point on the first canvas is where the next one started. That way I could put on the wall going up the stairs to our bedroom.

Once they were dry, I randomly places lines of painter’s tape over the canvases—connecting some and overlapping others.


I mixed together some light blue and tan paint and painted this over all the canvases.

Perfection was definitely not a goal for this project, and I kind of just went with how the paintings were turning out.


Once the blue was dry I took of the painter’s tape to reveal my lines.
(If you do this project, or one like it, you might want to label/number the canvases so that you know what order they go in if they get mixed up..just saying.)

Then, I took black paint and freehanded some branches and birds.


Here they are in our hallway.


I love how each one kind of connects to the next.


The birds are NOT perfect, but again imperfection makes each one unique.


The important things is that I love looking at them every time I go up or down the stairs.


Thanks for reading!
Here’s to actually accomplishing projects that you’ve pinned!

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