Peanut’s Nursery: Ideas and Inspiration

Well, now that we know it’s a girl!
I have been turning my thoughts to the nursery.

I have some ideas, but I’m still really unsure of what to do. :/

So, I thought what better place to put my ideas together and get advice then from you??

First things first. The room is painted this deep blue that we LOVE and only painted last year when we moved in, so it seems silly to buy more paint and redo everything.
The mister says our baby girl won’t care if her room is blue…but I want to make sure that if we do leave it this color, that we add lots of girly touches.


Now, by girly, I DO NOT mean light pink and pastels because that’s just not my thing. I’m pretty sure Peanut isn’t a fan either.

But, I want it to be clear that the room belongs to a GIRL.
Am I crazy? Asking too much?
(Don’t answer that…)


We just got these amazing bunting curtains from IKEA and I promised the hubby that they would look amazing in this room.
And they do.
But..I’m not loving the red. All the colors I feel like I can work with, but not the red.
Would it be crazy if I painted the red flags hot pink?

Anywho, here’s what I’m thinking at the moment.


I just love them. Think they’re adorable.

These are from a store in Mall of America called the Afternoon.
Yes..I bought one.

(JustAGirl tree with tutorial)

I’m also thinking I want to paint a white tree.
Yes, this one is ah-mazing.


I really like the shape of this one.
(frame from Target, couldn’t find it on the website)


Plus, they work really well together.


Or we could have the whole jungle. 😉

I also just really like brightly colored nurseries.
(Hello…have you met me?)


This is one of  my all time favorite nursuries.
I love the birch trees and the bright colors.

So..what should I do?
My bestie recommended hot pink to use with the blue. And then maybe pull out some more colors from the curtains like orange, lime green, etc.

Oh, and we’re also considering putting in faux wainscotting.

But I’m just not sure.



5 thoughts on “Peanut’s Nursery: Ideas and Inspiration

  1. Kara says:

    Liz…you should look at pinterest for some ideas….they have a lot especially with the trees….the owls are super cute btw….

  2. Renee Rayder says:

    One thing I wish I’d known when I decorated the nursery for Natalie was that until about 4 months old babies only see in black and white. Then they see red first. So I vote for huge light and dark contrasts. I love the blue walls. So maybe take your color ideas and test them against the walls in black and white. Like take a picture on your camera and use the black and white setting to see if it pops as much as you want it to for the peanut. 🙂

  3. Sarah Hess says:

    I think a white tree would POP!! I like the big balls/flowers of color in the 2nd to last nursery. Dana knows how to make those out of tissue paper, so you could have a couple or a bunch. If you find owls or fabric or something you like, go with that color. You can tint paint, but it’s near impossible to perfectly match fabric with paint. You could also paint your crib like in that orange nursery. Heck, you could paint all of your baby furniture to make it coordinate.

    Also, you may want to consider finding bedding before you head in a certain direction. Depending on how much you want to follow the rules all you really need is a crib sheet. Someone could make one for you if you can find the right fabric or big people sheet. (Or you, Miss Crafty!)

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