Gender Reveal Party

We had our big (baby) Gender Reveal Party on Saturday night.
Can I just tell you, it was one of the most fun nights EVER!!


I had an idea of what I wanted the party to look like/what I wanted to do, but we had a full week and VERY busy weekend so I wasn’t sure if it would all come together.

But, thanks to the wonderful support of the mister, we were able to pull it all together. 🙂


Decorations were pretty simple (I’m not a big party planner). As long as it was pink or blue I was happy.


I cut out various mustaches and smoochie lips on my Silhouette (slowly, but surely I am learning how to use that complicated wonderful machine) and hot glued them to some wooden sticks I had on hand.

People got to display if they thought it was a boy or girl by their accessory of choice.


Can you tell I didn’t go overboard on the snacks?
I promised myself (and the hubby) that I wasn’t gunna spend a lot of money).


This book was a delightful little gift that the mister had gotten for me and then forgot about.


We read through all the hilarious pregnancy stories told through pictures of chickens. I even learned some things. 😉


Again, simple.
I used two pieces of fabric that I had for a tablecloth that was blue and pink.
Plates and cups were from the dollar store.
Daffodils were from the side of the house. 🙂


Balloons were from Hy-Vee. Mika (our puppy) didn’t even bark at them this time!


We revealed little Peanut’s gender with cupcakes, but I wrapped streamers around them so that nobody got in any early peeks.


Streamer filled archway. 🙂
We had over 25 people in our tiny small home so they didn’t last the whole night.
Still, I thought it was fun.


This was an idea I had that worked out super well!

I took a painting (on cardboard-y material) that I had lying around from Goodwill—we used the giant frame for our wedding photo wall.

Anywho, I turned it around and covered it with white paper attached with tape. The top needed something, so I just stretched out some pink and blue ribbon on top.


On one side I wrote out a baby pool. Friends got to write down if they thought if Peanut was a boy or girl, when Peanut would be born, what time, how long, and what weight.


Then, on the other side, I drew a blank March Maternity Madness bracket that people could fill in a boy or girl’s name on either side that would battle it out with other people’s suggestions.

This was SO FUN! We did it right before we passed out cupcakes and revealed the gender so both sides had a fighting chance.
I simply read off the two battling names and by show of hands we voted and took the majority for who would move on to the next round.


These were the winning boy and girl names: Liam Maximus and Ava Penelope. We decided the runner-up got to be the middle name.

It was super fun especially with name suggestions like Axel, Maximus, Peanut, Baby, Wolfgang, Sioux and Columbiana. 🙂


Unfortunately, we were way too busy with all our amazing guests to actually take any pictures DURING the party. Bummer.

But I will tell you this…..IT’S A GIRL!!!

Which means, almost all the blog and facebook guesses were right! And I totally thought it was gunna be a boy!

Next up…figuring out what to do in the nursery!
Thank you ALL so much for all the love and support that you have shown our little family. We are super excited for our little girl. 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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