Craft Room Art

Time to show you the first project I did with one of our recent IKEA purchases.
I made some diy, easy peasy, craft room art!


First things first, I got these AH-DORABLE dish towels as a wedding gift from my brother and sister in law (thanks again Rachael!!).

And, since our wedding, I have been trying to figure out a good way to display them. There was NO WAY I was going to actually USE them, they’re way to pretty for that, and I have many a kitchen towel.

I wasn’t able to think of any way to put them up in our old apartment and I have been stumped in our new house as well. 😦 Our galley kitchen is just so small and I have hardly any wall space. Plus, I wasn’t sure if I should put up a rod or something for them to hang on or what.

Then, genius struck. Pure creativity. We’re talking ground-breaking stuff here people.

Who KNOWS why I didn’t think of it before since I painted my craft room blue, pink, and yellow and those are the same colors on the towels.

Sometimes I baffle even myself.


Ok, so first I ironed them.
(Maybe I should have done this the DAY I got them..oh well.)


Then, I centered and wrapped the towel around the plastic front of my IKEA frame.

Yes, the frames are from IKEA.
They were one of my goals for our trip. I figured out a range that the pictures on the towels would fit in, then perused the frames at IKEA. I found some square white boxed art that was perfect..but they were like $15 each. Eek!
Then I saw these Nyttja frames that were big and perfect and $4 each.
I love IKEA.

AND they already had two of my colors, so I bought a green one and spraypainted it yellow.


Anyways, I smashed tucked the cardboard backing into the frame, keeping the towels as taut as I could.


Then I had the hubs install the handy dandy picture hanger things.
Yes, that’s what they’re called.

Little did I know that those little buggers would be arguably the hardest part of the project (besides ironing, who LIKES ironing..) and would require many sophisticated tools.


I told you..pulling out the big guns.




You’re dying for a close up of each adorable towel, aren’t you?


They fell in Love…


They got married…


They lived happily ever after!

So now we just have to work on having the three little boy birdies and three little girl birdies. haha. We’re one sixth of the way there. 😉


I really like that the frames are darker shades of the craft room colors.

AFTER I made these I found this amazing tutorial for framing the same towels!
Plus, she pinned pictures of her and her lovebird at each stage on the towel. LOVE.

If you’re dying to have these they’re here at anthropologie.

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